Welcome to MOD Build Homes, we are a transportable house business. With sleek and smart designs for all your modern day living needs.

Our houses are a quality product that will last for generations to come.

Book an appointment with todd in our sales office and have a look for yourself, come and relax have a hot or cold drink, here you will be able to see in person all the options advailble to you, as we have a fantastic area where we have set up examples of cladding types, roofing types, our construction methods, fencing styles, decking types, basically you can touch see and feeling everything before selecting what you want on your new home.

Our Approach
Our goal is to deliver high-quality homes to peoples housing sites.
We have a standard range of homes to choose from or we can do a full custom design and build as well.
Professional Team
We want to listen to your ideas and collaborate to build your dream home.
We have a passion for smaller homes, we find keeping them simple and practical, with some nice features works.
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We’re sure you’ll be happy working with us

Our buildings are fully completed in the yard, they are delivered ready to connect to onsite utilities and services. The house is delivered fully finished – painted, floor coverings, kitchen and bathroom all installed.

If your site services are ready, you are only hours away from being up and running.

Building off site eliminates lots of onsite hassles, noise, rubbish, parking issues, mud, the list is endless. Once the house is landed, you can now add the decks, driveways, landscaping and your own personal touches.

Owner of MOD Build Homes Ltd

Price Guide

We offer honest and competitive prices, as we believe in providing affordable luxury. We can manage your building project smoothly and effectively whilst providing the best levels in service, price and quality.

Personal approach to
every client

We use only the best materials in our homes unlike nearly all other home builders who skimp on nails concrete and use cheap labour to boost their profits, thus leading to poor builds and problems.

Transportable Modular Homes Auckland, Whangarei, Northland, Kerikeri & Kaitaia New Zealand Wide

Mod Build Homes is the name of excellence in transportable homes in Northland. Our custom-built prefab homes are a genuine solution for affordable housing. We offer great prefab homes that are designed to complement your way of living. We sell Transportable Homes in Whangarei Northland, Kerikeri, Kaitaia and Portable Homes in Auckland, Whangarei, Kerikeri, Kaitaia and more.

Our Relocatable Homes are economical, sustainable, and guaranteed quality that is especially available in Northland. Transportable homes are a sustainable option for many that can afford them. We do not only focus on designing a living space or bedroom area, we also focus on creating modern, clean and sleek kitchens and bathrooms.

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Prefab Relocatable Houses Auckland and Northland Wide

We are the best relocatable homes provider from Auckland toNorthland and our stunning architectural transportable buildings have high-quality finishing’s.

Relocatable homes are loved from Auckland and north for its cost and time effective method than building a brand-new home. For various reasons, people love to go for modular relocatable homes.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose our transportable homes:

Our building material choices

  • We have narrowed down our choice on materials simple due to the fact that most of them out there are very sub standard, From our experiance what we offer is the best you can get, you will have no issues, less maintainance with no stress. We have now all witnessed how poor our supply chain can be, so we have coosen to use the materials that are sustainable, advailable, strong, durable and simple better than the rest of the rubbish out there

Portable Homes Auckland & Whangarei NZ

Our transportable homes are well insulated:

  • We focus on designing a well-insulated home so that it will cost less to heat. Our relocatable homes are very energy effient. To reduce any extra cost, we focus on designing well-insulated houses. We can say our transportable Auckland houses are energy efficient

We provide Stronger Homes: METRA PANEL

  • Strength is very crucial for a homeowner and we understand it, so we make durable houses. Relocatable houses travel a lot and in most cases it gets transported from one location to another, so we make sure extra reinforcing is used to stop damage during transit. Our buildings are durable enough to stand against flexing, wind, and movement. The metra manel we use is very impressive

Our homes are hassle-free and faster:

  • When you go for a traditional home construction, one can hardly get a home done within a calculated time frame. But when you come to us for building your relocating home, there are a lot of stresses you are unburdened with right away. You don’t have to pass over all the tedious and frustrating elements to your contractor, as well as there is no issues with the sudden weather change.

Your home gets manufactured in a completely secure workshop where no external objections can damage the building process, so you get your home faster. The building process is handled completely by our professionals, so you get your house ready without any stress.. Design your dream home with Mod Build Homes, because we are reliable, valuable, affordable, transportable, sustainable and adjustable.