Why Choose Us?

We are a small home build business (60 sqm-130sqm) that’s put the focus on quality and customer experiance

Bespoke Designs

We do everything for the client from council consent, house design, mortgage brokers, carpet, tiles, interior decorating etc

We want to build the best homes for the best price

Our homes are made using the best materials for each componet, our floors are simply the best as we use fully treated exterior grade timber for the subfloor and treated ply for flooring, no one else does this. This eliminates all mould and fugus from the ground growing on the timber, thus giving this componet a much longer life than a normal build. We use Metra panel for all our walls and ceilings, this is 36mm on the walls and 25 on the ceiling, this product is unbelievable strong and durable. For our roofs we only use coastal grade long run iron giving premium protection from the elements. For our cladding we only use weathertex, this comes in many styles and can be painted any colour, the best on the market, all houses are fully double glazed, with heat pumps and smart vents for any condensation, making these home very dry and warm

Standard Package

All our homes come standard with
  • Double glazed joinery
  • Acrylic Bench tops
  • Fully treated sub floors with ply, the best around, no mould
  • Heat pumps and smart vents, warm dry and no condensation
  • coastal grade roofing
  • Fisher and Paykel appliances
  • caroma tap ware and toilets
  • Tiled floors in kitchens, bathrooms and showers
  • Lots of lighting and power points, a must
  • Metra panel walls and ceilings with therma slab solid foam insulation
  • weathertex cladding, this stuff, is awesome, paint any colour, wont rot, very solid and ridgid
  • all houses come built with cavity behind the cladding to allow airflow, drainage, much better for the house

We provide a free consultation and a quote for any project.

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